A child like a garden should be planted with care

Give it water and prune it here and there

The sun will shine

The rain will fall

The seeds will sprout and grow up tall.

(Mark 4:8)


Welcome to our Garden.



The first five years create the foundation for a child to accomplish key developmental advances in mind and body. From the first day of life to the first day in preschool, a child grows at a phenomenal pace that is unequaled to any other time in life. it is during these years that the brain undergoes its most dramatic growth. Language blossoms, basic motor abilities advance, thinking becomes more complex and social and emotional development enable the child to begin to understand his own feelings and those of others.


At Secret Garden we endeavor to provide an interesting and stimulating programme that will help the children to develop into confident, knowledgeable (age appropriate) and capable individuals. We focus on all aspects of a child’s development in order to prepare the rich soil in which their gardens will grow.